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I have been an avid sports lover for as long as I can remember, which brings me to the focus of my blogs. I thought it would be interesting for our followers to learn about the different sports activities that our great city of Spokane has to offer. From golfing, hiking,…
My little (not so little anymore) brother Nick flew in from the Bay Area for the weekend for the closing of our very first investment property. We just purchased our first “doors” (which is the hip way we can now refer to our rental property investments). It is a…
As I sit here and think of things that I want to write about our beautiful city my mind wanders to many different places. Those of you that know me probably find that as no surprise as I am commonly equated to the dog off Up that can focus on… Squirrel! But in all…
Hello all and a good day to you!If you are reading this there is a high likelihood that you know me, in which case this first paragraph may be a little redundant. For those that don’t my name is Stuart Prey, and you are reading what is quite possibly my first blog post.I…

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